10 Steps to a stress free Beach Wedding

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1. Select your wedding day at least 6 months in advance and contact your beach wedding minister/ officiant for the location you wish to get married. Most officiant’s usually have a full calendar of events in summer and require a deposit to hold your date. Delaware and Maryland beaches are the prime locations for beach weddings on the east coast.

2. Visit your local bridal shop and pick the wedding gown of your dreams. Make sure all the fixings are included; order your flowers, Bridesmaid dresses and all the touch ups you would desire on your wedding day.

3. Decide where all your guests are going to stay, arrange for transportation to and from the wedding site. Make sure there is no permit that has to be purchased for the beach. Nothing would be worst than be put off the beach on your day because you forgot the permit.

4. To add to your dreams of a beach wedding you may want to have an arch on the beach laid with your special flowers and imitation palm trees with tiki torches that would help for the wedding pictures. Its necessary to look on the Internet for the vendors that set up beach wedding arch’s and reserve you wedding date with them. (Most vendors require a deposit to reserve the date for you)

5. Look for a photographer on the Internet call them up and look at their work, Make sure the photography was taken the same time of day for lighting, photography changes with the light. The bride and groom should decide this together.

6. The information for the Marriage license is probably the most important. Get the address and hours of where you obtain your marriage license. Check if there any restrictions blood work, time etc.

7. If you want an entertaining tropic mood for your wedding you might like to add a steel drum player. Other musician’s and DJ music can also be found on the Internet and need to be booked in advance.

8. Your cake can be ordered from a bakery or a good wedding cake can be purchased any of the local grocery stores.

9. Now you can relax 6 months in advance, with your deposits with all the vendors you have hired. Email them in advance if there are any changes in what you ordered.

10. If it happens to rain (which is rare in the summer) on your beach wedding day, have a backup location under a shelter or a room. (Most vendors cannot change the date if the weather is bad as they have other engagements the following day). Some vendors can supply a type of insurance for a fee.


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